Digitalization – Conflict between Generations

How does the workforce in your company look like? Do you have experienced employees as well as young professionals in your teams? Congratulations! Looks like your company has a healthy personnel structure. But be cautious when you start any software, cloud or data base project! Does your change process reflect your employees skills and needs?

It is very likely, that you will subchallenge the young technical interested people and do not enough educate your experienced employees – at the same time. This can cause massive team conflicts. Why? Because we young people are the first generation, who grew up with smartphones, tablets and the internet. For us, it feels natural to use this helpful tools every day. We are always online, checking our social media account or writing messages to friends. Empathizing with colleagues, who struggle with the easiest digital tools, is very hard for us.


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Some managers still think, they could transform their company by building a digital overlay. But we young people know, that digitalization influences the basic structures of our whole life. So, managers need to realize that a digital culture is what they need to build. Digital Transformation is no fun project! Massive social changes will be part of it. Only managers who keep an eye on both aspects of digital transformation – implementing new technologies and creating an organisational structure that supports change – will lead their company into a digital future.

First of all the social aspects of digital transformation cause a lot of diffuse anxieties. That is one reason why some managers would like to slow down the transformation process within their company as long as possible. Or if they could, they would postpone it and leave it as a task for their successor. At least, this change has a massive impact on the companies workforce – including the senior management. Will all of them still be needed after a successful transformation process? What will their future job look like?

Does technical enthusiasm count more than years of experience? Surely not. Only when computers and humans team up, they will achieve optimal results. But the humans have to add some advanced digital skills to their knowledge base. Give your employees the chance to expand their knowledge on digitalization, data bases, apps and social media. For a peaceful work environment and the success of your digital strategy!

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